Mobile Learning

I read this article and found myself not sure if I agreed with it or not.  I do firmly believe that social media websites and integrated technological programs should be included in a teacher’s curriculum.  I am unsure if I believe students should be able to bring their personal mobile devices to school in order to access these websites/programs.  The school should ideally be able to provide devices (mobile, tablets, laptops, computers) to enable students access.  Students with their own mobile devices would obviously be allowed to use them at home or after school hours in order to collaborate with classmates or complete assignments.

Mobile devices should enhance learning, not interrupt learning.  Allowing students to use personal mobile devices during school may distract them from the assignments and hinder their learning, especially if they are focusing their time on texting and/or accessing social media websites for not school-related assignments.  My question is; if students are working with a classmate on a project in school, why do they need to have access to mobile devices? Shouldn’t they be able to talk to the classmate face to face during school hours? After hours is obviously different and then of course, students should use mobile devices to communicate.

As a teacher, I worry that allowing mobile devices in the classroom will end up like this:


The students are clearly not paying attention to what the teacher is (or is not? he looks like he’s doing nothing) teaching.  Plus the cell phones are “hidden” under the students’ desks so obviously they are not really supposed to be using them at that point in time.

It should look like this:


And note, these students are not using cell phones! Although honestly, if any child this young has a cell phone, that is completely ludicrous.

As stated before, I agree that it’s important to include technology as learning tools as well as actual technological learning tools but I think cell phones or other devices that allow students to text with each other are unnecessary.  Students do not need complete freedom and it would be impossible to monitor and control their conversations on their personal mobile devices.

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