7 Classroom Icebreakers Inspired by Social Media

I found this link via @WeAreTeachers via Twitter.  I absolutely LOVE these ideas!

Whatever your personal views are on technology and social media, one fact is steadfast: children love it, are engaged with it, and utilize it constantly.  Even if you are a teacher who might be wary of introducing social media into the classroom, I think these ideas provide an easy way to transition.  It’s all about baby steps!

One of the icebreakers mentioned was Edmodo.  I checked out the website and there is a very brief introductory video on the main page.  It gave one teacher’s perspective as to why she decided to incorporate Edmodo into her classroom.  One of the interesting points she made was that it made her, as a teacher, more relevant to her students they are in touch with her all the time.  Even though she views it as an educational, “business” tool, her students view it as a social tool.  They do her homework and assignments but at the same time, they are “playing.”  This particular teacher taught older students but Edmodo can be used with even kindergarteners.

I also liked the idea of the two truths and one lie statements.  We play this game in my classroom, although we don’t have the students write down the statements; we just have them say it out loud in front of the class.  The kids really like it and, as the helpliner suggested, it provides teachers with segue to talk about lying on the internet and social media.

The majority of these ideas do not actually use technology skills; they are all activities that are essentially paper and pencil, with the exception of Edmodo.  Still, these could be used as an introductory lesson; not just as an icebreaker in the beginning of the year but also as a way to introduce technology itself.  Have the students practice with paper and pencil and then transition them into using actual social media websites.



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