Blog: The Nerdy Teacher

I skimmed through several of the listed blogs and ultimately picked the very first one, The Nerdy Teacher.  The more I read, the more I became obsessed.  Not like “crazy-obsessed-I’m-going-to-stalk-you” but “normal-obsessed-I’m-going-to-use-this-blog-as-a-good-source-of-information.”  In all honesty, I will gladly keep reading The Nerdy Teacher even after this technology class is over and I am no longer required to keep my own blog.

The Nerdy Teacher’s blogs are very eclectic; ranging from conferences he attended to new technological resources for the classroom.  My favorite posts so far, however, are the ones about his students.  The post about participating in a marathon with his student and using social media to help support and encourage her was truly inspiring, exactly what a good teacher should be.  The post that really touched me was the one about The Great Gatsby project.  In this post, the Nerdy Teacher describes his dislike for fill-in the blank exams.  Instead of giving such an exam, he presented his students with the opportunity to create a project of their choice instead.  One student composed music, wrote lyrics, and performed the song for her project.  The Nerdy Teacher wrote,

There is no doubt that Maddie could take a test on Gatsby and get an A. She is very bright and it would have been very easy for her. However, what would she have walked away with after acing the exam? With the project, she still has an A, but she has something she accomplished. A beautiful song she will have with her the rest of her life. When she thinks about Gatsby or the green light, she can think about a song she wrote and shared with the world.”

I couldn’t agree more.  I, too, dislike traditional exams, especially standardized ones (but that’s a rant for another day).  I was almost moved to tears listening to this project.  What a memorable piece of work this girl has created! I was so impressed that I immediately shared the video with a friend of mine who teaches high school English and does a unit on The Great Gatsby.  Here is the link in case anyone is interested in watching it: 

One last thing I will say about the Nerdy Teacher; I did notice some grammar errors in his blog posts which, as a teacher, annoys me because he is a teacher.  I dislike teachers who say that spelling and grammar don’t count; they should always count no matter what grade level or subject you teach! Not to mention it looks extremely unprofessional if a teacher cannot spell or use correct grammar.  I won’t hold that against him, though, I will still be an avid reader of his blog 🙂



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